What do you want to NOT DO?

I’m currently in Tokyo, or at least I should be.

I’m writing this on Friday, October 12, 2018, and last night I was booked to shoot a commercial in Tokyo, Japan. I scheduled this article to post on Friday, October 19th, figuring I’ll be busy for the next week but wanting to uphold my commitment to post Encre Entrepreneur articles weekly.

“Talk about an Encore!!!” That’s what one of the members of our EE Facebook Group said when I posted about the Japan trip. 🙂

I’ll share more about my Tokyo experience when I return home.

Let’s pick-up where we left off in the last post, asking the ESSENTIAL question… “What is most important to you in your life?”

Let’s say that watching your grandchildren while their parents work is one of the most important things to you… it’s a “High Value”. By having clarity about this you can automatically eliminate the idea of opening a business that will require you to travel or to be away from home during the day.

Imagine if you started a business, say a bookkeeping business, and it required you to spend time in the offices of your clients… the more your business grows, the less time you have to watch your grandkids… business growth would result in a loss of personal fulfillment. That’s NOT success in my book.

On the other hand, if travel is one of the most important things for you to do you can zero in on business opportunities that would include travel.

As a professional speaker, I’ve been to nearly every state in the union, some many times and I’ve even done some foreign travel… all while being paid very nicely. And on many occasions, I took my family and we added a vacation to my “business” travel.

As you can see getting clarity about your HIGHEST VALUES is essential to your success as an Encore Entrepreneur.

Now let’s look at the other side. What do you do want to NOT DO?

Values go both ways. I would never portray Santa Claus in a way that I felt inappropriate. In the late ‘80’s & ‘90’s when I had y marketing company I would never help promote products or services that I wouldn’t personally endorse.

By spending the time to get crystal clear about what you DON’T want to do is also essential.

  • Does uncertainty drive you nuts?
  • Do you not care for dealing with people?
  • Do you hate sales?
  • Are you terrified of public speaking?

The list could be long, very long, that’s OK, the important thing is to make your list.

Now, (I LOVE THIS PART), mark the top 5 things on your list that you really wish you were better at.

Was public speaking on your list? Deep down do you wish you were better at it?

How about marketing?

If there are things on your list that you would really like to get better at highlighting them. You don’t want to start a business that would require them… but you may like a business where you could sneak these things in.  

I enjoy stretching my comfort zone. Not necessarily in the moment… in the moment I might be terrified. This was the case with my Improv class. It was REALLY scary for me. I had to really talk myself into going every week… it never got easier… but I did get better, more comfortable… and I like the fact that I saw it through and reaped the benefits.

I enjoy ‘winging it’. Many people, my wife being one, would HATE to have a business that is constantly in flux and is full of uncertainty. How about you?

My wife despises sales. She’s a professional artist. In order to earn an income as an artist, your art MUST sell… if YOU are not going to sell it that’s fine, but who is? In my wife’s case, she has me to sell her art… that helps. She’s also found several ways to sell her art both online and off that doesn’t require her to do things she doesn’t like doing.

If there are things you don’t want to do that’s OK, often you can find workarounds, but you want to identify these things BEFORE you start your business.

By the way, marketing and sales are 2 of the biggest challenges for Encore Entrepreneurs. If these are areas of concern for you be sure to check out our world-class marketing assistance program… it just might be the best $97 you ever spend on your business.

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