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We all love creating more income while spending less time & money! Marketing is the vehicle that makes that possible. Learn PROVEN marketing strategies and tactics other Encore Entrepreneurs are using..

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The Accelerator is designed to help you generate new customers quickly and profitably. You will learn the proven step-by-step process..


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What People Say About Us

"As I watched our members during your presentation, it was obvious you were a hit. This group of speakers was hanging on your every word, taking copious notes and asking questions that indicated you had the answers they have been looking for. "
Patricia Wiklund Ph.D.,
Program Chair National Speakers Association
“Your lecture was rich in content and extremely well received by the students. We were all very interested in how one builds traffic to ones website and you gave us a lot of great information.”
Peter Molloy
University of California, Berkeley
This is the ultimate resource for anyone planning to start a new business, or if you already have a successful business, to improve your daily marketing results! I loved this book, it breaks everything down in bite-size pieces, and Ed explains what all the moving parts are, along with samples and step by step guides, making it so easy to implement into your business. Great job Ed!
Jody Colvard
CEO/Founder of FMG TV/Radio & Voices Of Women Media (VOW) ADD JODY'S IMAGE